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December 9, 2021

Get Your Vehicle Off-Road Ready

Auto Repair for Adventurous Vehicles

Taking a vehicle off-roading is not for the faint of heart. Steep hills, deep ditches, and big boulders can be as frightening as they are fun! However, amidst all of the excitement of conquering uncharted terrain, your off-road vehicle could suffer from some bumps and bruises.

To keep your truck off-road ready, it’s important to have it regularly maintained. This handy checklist from the off-road auto repair pros at Texas Diesel Performance and Automotive Service in Dripping Springs, Texas, will keep your truck in tip-top shape.

Suspension, Wheels, Tires, and Axle

Long rides over rough terrain will quickly wear out your wheels, axles, and tires. Your suspension will also suffer. You need to regularly check your axles to ensure they stay nice and tight. Furthermore, inspect your tires to see if they’re properly inflated and don’t have any leaks or punctures. If your car is pulling to one side or is difficult to steer, you might need a wheel alignment. Don’t put this essential service off for too long. It will cause further damage to your suspension.

Air and Oil

The last thing you want happening out on the trail is your engine to overheat. That’s why it’s crucial to have sufficient levels of fresh, clean oil in your truck at all times. Regular oil changes will keep your off-road vehicle running stronger for longer. Moreover, periodically inspect the air filter to ensure it’s clean and free from blockages.

Drive Shaft and Drive Chain

For a safe, smooth ride over bumpy trails, your drive chains must be properly lubricated and adjusted. You also need to ensure your driveshaft is up to the challenge and has efficient lubrication levels and no leaks.

Your Go-To Off-Road Vehicle Specialists

If your off-roading vehicle needs high-quality automotive repair to keep it ready for muddin’, contact the technicians at Texas Diesel Performance and Automotive Service in Dripping Springs, Texas, today. Our specialists will have your truck ready for the roads less traveled in no time.

Call us today at (512) 894-8020 to book your appointment.