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Brake Repair

Rotors, Pads, Calipers and More!

Brake Repair in Dripping Springs, TX

Keeping Your Car Safe -- Texas Diesel Performance and Automotive Service

At Texas Diesel Performance and Automotive Service, we want to make sure your vehicle’s braking system is always performing at its best. It’s directly responsible for the safety of you and your passengers, so the braking system must always perform as expected or better. Our experienced and highly trained technicians and service advisors work with you to ensure that’s the case, as they’ll find the right solution for your car’s brakes and ensure they’re functional. And with access to high-quality tools and parts, know that only the best will ever be installed into your car. See why we’re the go-to brake service experts in Dripping Springs, Texas!

Do You Have Bad Brakes?

When it comes to the health of your car’s braking system, one of the best ways to maintain it is by knowing when it’s going through issues. By knowing common warning signs, you can get ahead of problems before they worsen. If you suspect issues with your vehicle's brakes, here’s what you should look for:

Strange Noises

Do you hear squeaking and squealing or grinding anytime you hit the brakes? If so, that’s a clear sign that the brake pads have worn, but what you hear will dictate how you should approach the issue. If you hear the former two sounds, the brake pads are at its minimal level of thickness and, for the moment, fine to use. With that said, we recommend replacements soon. If you hear the latter, it means the pads have fully worn out and metal-on-metal contact is occurring within the system. We suggest service immediately to ensure no additional damage is done to the system and your wallet.

Spongy Pedal

When you press the brake pedal, the system should respond instantly. If you’re pressing the brake pedal further than you’re used to, it’s a clear sign of a spongy brake pedal. This occurs when air or moisture is trapped in the brake lines, and failure to fix this can lead to the pedal touching the car floor, leaving the brakes unable to activate. Because of how dangerous this issue can get, we recommend service as soon as you notice it.

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Having problems with your car’s brakes? Are the brakes not responding right when you need them to? When it comes to your vehicle’s safety and performance, the braking system plays a key role in it. Make sure your car is always at its safest and schedule a brake repair service with Texas Diesel Performance and Automotive Service in Dripping Springs, Texas. Our highly trained technicians have extensive experience managing all types of brake system issues and have the knowledge and quality materials to fix any problem you may have. Whether it’s a spongy pedal or a worn brake pad, know that our team can get the job done right.

Schedule your appointment by giving us a call at (512) 894-8020 and chat with one of our service advisors. You can also visit us on 2608 McGregor Lane for same-day service, as we happily accept walk-in customers.