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August 10, 2020

Signs You Need Brake Repair

Do You Have Signs That You May Need to Have Your Brakes Repaired?

Ever hear a noise that your car or truck makes when you brake and you wonder if it can be ignored or hope that the noise came from the vehicle next to you?   Or, maybe you feel a funny vibration while trying to stop and hope it is due to a problem with the  road?  Quite often, these may be signs that your brakes need to be adjusted or repaired.  If you would like to have your brake system checked, Texas Diesel Performance and Automotive Service, in Dripping Springs, Texas, can provide you with expert advice and service to make sure your brakes are working safely.


Top Ten Symptoms That You May Need to Have Your Brakes Repaired.


Sometimes brakes need to be adjusted or repaired in-between normal replacements.  Here are some common signs that your brakes need to be repaired or replaced.

  1. Your brake pad is too thin (if you look between your wheel spokes, the outside pad – next to the rotor – should be 1/4″ thick.)
  2. You hear a high-pitched screeching sound – the metal shim (or indicator) may be making this sound, or your rotors may be glazed.  (An exception:  if your vehicle has been exposed to water for a prolonged amount of time, a small layer of rust can form on the brake rotors, which creates a sound when braking.  However, this problem should stop relatively quickly.)
  3. Efficacy – your brakes are working less effectively.
  4. Pulling – if you notice pulling to one side while braking, the brake linings may be wearing unevenly
  5. Grinding or growling sounds – the pads may have been worn down completely and may be beyond replacement.  The disk and caliper may be rubbing together, causing your rotors to score, which may then need to be evened out or replaced.
  6. Vibrations – if you feel vibrations or a pulsed motion when braking, your rotors may be warped and consequently your anti-lock brakes cannot engage. 
  7. The brake pedal vibrates when pressed
  8. You hear a clicking sound, probably due to loosened brake pads
  9. The indicator light turns on
  10. You see a puddle of leaking brake fluid 


Auto Professionals Can Help You Take a Break From Brake Problems!


Your brake system is one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Receive expert counsel and service at Texas Diesel Performance and Automotive Service, located at 2608 McGregor Lane in Dripping Springs, Texas.  Their highly trained technicians have experience with many different makes and models, old and new, and offer a 12 month / 2,000 mile warranty.  To make an appointment, call (512) 894-8020, schedule online or walk in.